To a production which was prevalently red wines, consonant with wine growing tradition – Merlot and Cabernet Franc have been produced in the Euganei Hills since 1870 – we’ve added white grape vines such as Serprino, Chardonnay and Fior DArancio.


We’ve always paid careful attention to the work in the vineyard – creating new vines while jealously preserving the old ones.

The Land

The Euganei Hills rose up after various volcanic episodes that took place 35 million years ago and the meeting of variously composed lands.

Mediterranean brush and the work of men has made this area unique.  Moreover, in each glimpse, each hill and village, there is a story or a legend to be told.

The vines have found and will continue to find the ideal environment in which to best grow their fruit.  

DOC Colli Euganei

The Controlled Denomination of Origin of the Euganei Hills was created in 1969.  The area produced the first Bordeaux wines in Italy.  In fact, in 1870 in Lispida, Count Corinaldi planted the first Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc vines on Italian soil.

Seprino, Euganei Hills Red and white wines made with Moscato grape base are among the vines which best represent the Controlled Denomination of Origin.

The Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin, obtained in 2010, is represented by the Fior D’Arancio wine in three versions – dry, sparkling and “passito” – made from dried grapes.  This species of vine comes from far in the past, possible from Syria, possibly from Mesopotamia and is the pride of the Euganei Hills winemakers.