Cantina La Mincana - Dal Martello

On the eastern edge of the Euganei Hills in the town of Due Carrare, a white Venetian villa can be seen amongst the greenery.


At one time, the “Mincana”  was occupied by a powerful noble family who wanted to follow the work being done in the fields from spring to autumn,  first hand.  For over a century, the Dal Martello family has done the same – the family came to the province of Padova from Vicenza in 1914 in search of new lands to cultivate.  The passion for farming was passed down from generation to generation together with the patience needed to wait for each year’s harvest with the same enthusiasm.


Today the property consists of 60 hectares, 19 of which are vineyard.  We like to think of ourselves as artisanal winemakers with a certainty – that quality is the only way.  We dedicate scrupulous care to our vineyard and particular attention to our winery in a quest for the perfect combination between the earth’s fruits and the winemaker’s passion.

Wine is bottled poetry …… Robert Louis Stevenson